always sounds better live. . .

Not the actual clip, but the sound is a lot better on this one

I remember my first ROOTS concert back in ’98 @ good ol’ MARITIME HALL (RIP).  That was when they first started covering quiet storm, they intro’d by shutting down all the lights so you could feel the duh-duh-duh-duh. . .duh-duh-duh. . .duh (u know what i’m talkin bout if ur a MOBB DEEP fan).  Then they turned all the lights on the first snare!  Man shit was memorable!

. . .now that I think about it, besides being the BEST HIP-HOP band ever, the ROOTS might be the best COVER BAND EVER

3rd quarter and the niners are up by 9 right now. . .



and ya’ll started letting this shit spread like the OAK-TOWN fires

go to if you don’t believe me because I usually make shit up for comedy’s sake. . .SUCKA

new $h!t new $h!t

Just posted up the shots from OKTOBERFEST ’08…4th year in attendance and it seems to get more crackin’ by the year.  You’ll see some familiar faces & some not so familiar faces (click photographic journeys link to the right).

Now for a few things completely un-related

**looks like winter is around the corner

**Wicket’s dad put me onto this ish right hurr

**I wish I was over age in this era

-til next time my friends



just posted up the pics from the 2nd 2 last Monday night w/ the Ri$ky Bizne$$ crew on my shutterfly (check link to the right). . .thanks to everyone that added in their POVs by piloting my camera while i was getting drunk!!!

-nuff said

What I missed. . .

While I was in LA 2 weeks ago screaming like a lil’ BIATCH on TOWER of TERROR. . .

Other fools were screaming for tre-flips down a huge 16. . .(thanks to $Eddie R$)

I can’t believe that I used to practice sketchy-ass FS 50-50s here (circa ’99) wearin khakis and a polo shirt rockin a fade with hair gel. . .

and to think. . .its just a block up from the crib


who nose?

Will this catch any airplay? Will the censors catch on?

never-the-less. . .STILL a party jam of 08


The BIZNE$$ was RISKY last night

Finally got my shutterfly up and running to ease the pain of photo-blogging. . .

Check out the photo re-cap from last night here –$$Feeling Like A Million Bucks$$

More to come. . .still a work in progress